David Church can be mesmerizing when performing, as you close your eyes and go back years listening to Hanks songs. His presentation is done with style, integrity of the music, and from the heart. David has some songs of his own that I believe are some of the very best country music has had in many a year. Catch his performances live and I'll guarantee you'll come away totally satisfied and waiting to tell your friends about it and ready for another show.
Minnesota Times, Larry Rose 5/2013

David Church is a rare entertainment entity. David performs the songs and creates a visual presentation that is absolutely dazzling to witness! And, if that were all that David could do in this music business, one would think that's quite an accomplishment, but David stands on his own with his original music. And that my friends makes for a very powerful package! My Rising Star pick, David Church." Bruce Maier, Editer, Damn Good Tunes Magazine. 03/12/2011

David & Terri Lisa Church's show at the Weslaco Theater brought out a very enthusiastic crowd. Song after song, they thrilled the audience with some of the greatest songs of country. And amazingly some great songs of their own. Easily one of the best shows in the valley.Ann Gieber, Winter Texan Times 2011

David Church performace was phenominal to an enthusiastic crowd at our ROPE Spectacular show, during CMA Fest. Many of the Celebrity artists and members of our Board of Directors were so impressed with David's performance. The great looking suit he wore gave the fans a look at what country music should be and once was. He made a great impression to everyone. From Little David Wilkins to David Church was a perfect opening for the evening, and I am sure he knows by the reception that he received that David impressed everyone from the artists on the show to the crowd assembled. We look forward to working with you again! Marty Martel, President, ROPE (Reunion of Professional Entertainers Association) Nashville, TN

We were very fortunate to have David & Terri Lisa Church perform on our stage at the Adams Couny Fair. They drew a huge crowd from Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. After the show, they signed autographs for over an hour. I had many people come up to me after the show and in the following weeks telling me that not only was it a great show, but "the best show I have ever saw". We hope to get them back in Adams County Wisconson again soon! Robert Kranick, Adams County New, Adams County WI, 2012

David Church - carries the torch for traditional Country music! His voice and music touches the soul of millions around the globe! The true fans of traditional Country music need a standard-bearer to help keep this sound alive. Luckily, they don't need to look any further than David Church.

David's new single 'I Don't Live in Lonely Anymore' is not only a hit on the charts in the US, but in Europe too! In France alone, two of the top french Country radio stations, Musicbox and Radio Libellule (105.8 FM) classify David's new song as one of the best traditional Country music numbers they've ever heard.

David's success on RFD-TV speaks volumes for his talent, and we at Dreamwest Magazine & Web TV hope to see him and his lovely wife and fellow artist, Terri, back in France again in 2012! The french traditional Country music fans just can't wait! Tony Taylor, International Artistic Director, Dreamwest Magazine, 2012



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